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SIA (SC): Definition and Overview Click Here

Sia (SC): What is it? The Sia (SC) platform is a blockchain-based, cloud-based platform aimed at providing decentralized storage solutions. Rather than renting storage space...

Lisk (LSK): The first cryptocurrency that shouts itself as a “modular currency”

LISK (LSK): What is it? "Lisk" is a distributed platform for developing applications developed by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. As well as called Lisk...

Enzyme Finance (MLN): Formerly known as Melon Protocol. For more info, click here

What is Enzyme Finance (MLN)? Enzyme (MLN) Finance, previously named Melon Protocol, is a library designed to allow users to create custom cryptoasset management vehicles...

Solana (SOL): Due to its features, will it be able to beat other blockchains? Check it out here

Solana (SOL): What is it? The SOLANA (SOL) protocol is an open-source, web-scale blockchain that supports developers and institutions across the globe in building decentralized...

What is STRATIS (STRAT) and does it offer good investment opportunities?

Stratis (STRAT): What is it? STRAT (STRAT) is an open-source blockchain network providing easy access to blockchain-based systems and applications. As opposed to requiring developers...

What is SparkPoint and do you think it is good to invest in it?

SparkPoint: What is it? The SparkPoint Blockchain Platform enables cryptocurrency adoption via blockchain technology. SparkPlay, a blockchain gaming platform, can be used to play a...

Are you familiar with the Internet Computer (ICP) and how fast it is? Read more here

Internet Computer (ICP): What is it? An Internet Computer is a blockchain whose capacity is unlimited and operates at web speed. In addition to Ethereum...

What is blockchain Bloat and why it is considered to be a serious problem?

Blockchain Bloat: What is it? The blockchain bloat occurs as more data is added to it. The processing times of the blockchain slow over time...

What is Minima? Is it true that it is smarter than Bitcoin? See here

Minima: What is it? MINIMA, a compact, scalable, and secure cryptocurrency whose slogan is 'No Evolution will be Centralized', has announced the world's first mobile-only...

Storj is a highly secure storage system. What does that mean? You can read it here

StorJ: What Storj: What is it? Storj Labs provides encrypted peer-to-peer cloud storage services through an open-source protocol that uses blockchain. STORJ tokens are exchanged...

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