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Welcome to LifeWithGenie

What is Bitcoin? What about Mining? Do you need a virtual shovel to literally or figuratively dig for Bitcoin? How does the entire setup work? How is Bitcoin such a dominant force in the industry?

What about the competition? Is Ethereum a more lucrative bet? What if I lose everything? Is cryptocurrency any safer than gambling? These are the questions that haunt amateur investors. And believe it or not, experts are no better.

The cryptocurrency arena is too volatile. You cannot protect your investment without remaining abreast of the changes in the landscape, both large and small. A trustworthy source of information can make the difference between success and failure. And that is the role we aim to play.

Our start is nothing to boast about. We made the best out of the small office that supported our operations when we first opened our doors. But we have come a very long way. Today, people trust us to point them in the direction of the best products on the market because our reviews are honest and reliable.

Rather than dictating their actions, we empower them to make the best financial decisions by educating them on developments in an industry that no one fully understands. We offer a commodity rarely seen in this space. We instill confidence in our readers.

The news, reviews, and opinions we share are sourced from authoritative figures in the field. Our knowledge base is comprehensive and wide-ranging. We cannot tell you what to do with your resources but we can provide you with the understanding you need to make investments that could drastically transform your financial future for the better.

We are open to feedback. We want to know what you think, what you need to know, where you believe we could improve. We want to serve you to the best of our ability and we cannot do that unless you work hand-in-hand with us to enhance the quality of our offerings. 


Life With Genie

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