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The information communicated on the platform includes details on cryptocurrency, brokers, exchanges, financial instruments, and various trading entities. These instruments are highly complex. They are associated with a tremendous amount of financial risk.

Do your own research before you act. Make sure you understand how elements such as CFDs work before you proceed. One wrong step could cost you a lot of money. Do not perform investments using instruments you do not completely comprehend.

The same due diligence has to be applied to the information provided by this portal. The knowledge our experts publish is broad. It is not meant to apply to a specific situation and it does not take into account the unique scenarios that individual investors will encounter.

While we stand by the quality of our content, It is not necessarily infallible, and neither is it always accurate. To protect your investment, you must seek the services of a competent professional that can provide the distinct counsel you need to make enlightened choices.

This website is not a suitable substitute for a capable financial consultant. It will not tell you what to buy or where to invest. The information it provides is not directed at you, in particular. You will bear the full weight of every action you take. LifewithGenie is not responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of the steps you took in response to the data you sourced from this website. We do not provide warranties for the guidance we offer.


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