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ColdStack (CLS): What can it do for you? To learn more, click here? To learn more, click here

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ColdStack (CLS)

ColdStack (CLS): What is it?

ColdStack (CLS) is a Decentralized Cloud Aggregator, acting as a central point of access to centralized cloud storage services like Filecoin. Decentralized Clouds are the most straightforward, fastest, and easiest way to provide services to projects in the crypto world and beyond.

ColdStack (CLS) native token:

ColdStack’s crypto token, CLS, is used in its project

  • The fee for various services through ColdStack, such as authentication of file storage,
  • Authentication tokens are stored here so ColdStack NFT functions and DAO participation can be accessed
  • An IDO was executed on SuperFarm’s “SuperStarter” platform in April 2021, followed by a liquidity bootstrap pool near the end on Balancer in May 2021.

CLS: What Is Its Core Objective?

This disruptive approach to cloud storage positions ColdStack as the alternative one-stop option for regular and advanced storage needs. ColdStack aims to compete in the decentralized storage market and make it most affordable, efficient, and easily accessible for anyone.


ColdStack Decentralized Cloud Storage Aggregator integrates Filecoin, SIA, Arweave, and Storj into a single interface, combining APIs and billing into a convenient interface. It eliminates the need for our clients to handle multiple APIs and cloud providers. It allows them to utilize existing tools or SDK clients designed for the Amazon Simple Cloud Storage (S3) API, which has come to be the de-facto standard for data storage. Several Decentralized Clouds can also be combined into one dApp.

With ColdStack, any file can be turned into a non-fungible token (NFT). With the token format, all files can be instantly offered for sale through major NFT marketplaces such as Super Rare and Open Sea.

Examples of ColdStack (CLS) use:

  • Development of a Web3 infrastructure

With ColdStack, clients will be able to manage heterogeneous data of any size with Web3-based intuitive management experiences.

  • DeFi Services

In addition to storing and retrieving large datasets, ColdStack also supports DeFi services such as payout schedules and token bonding curves. It’s necessary to store the data for a long time or even forever since most of the time it’s not frequently accessed.

  • Games that use blockchain technology

     Using ColdStack enables game developers to keep track of archived player activity data for cheap and reliability. Long-term storage is required. Transparency and auditability will be enhanced.

  • NFT Marketplaces

The ColdStack Digital Asset Storage is an ideal solution for large files in any NFT market.

  • Gaming Platform Support

The distribution of multiple users in a multiplayer game requires the recording of each player’s activities, payments, and these records can easily be audited as and when required. ColdStack is a fine platform for storing such datasets.

 ColdStack (CLS) Facts

ColdStack combines a decentralized storage system with integrated APIs and billing, giving you the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to release a decentralized cloud. Avoiding API duplicates as well as different clouds is very important to clients. As well as combining multiple decentralized cloud services into one app, tools or SDK clients created for Amazon Centralized Cloud storage can also be reused.

 With ColdStack, users have access to decentralized Cloud Aggregators like Areware, SIA, Filecoin, and Storj for Cloud Storage without the need for significant integration efforts. Coldstack was created to enable users to download and store data via a unified API, which allows users and customers to access AWS libraries and SDKs. With the API3 interface, ColdStack solves any problems with Decentralized Cloud Storage. ColdStack believes that it will be the Uber of decentralized systems. SIA Filecoin, BitTorrent, and other popular platforms are among the many synergistic platforms that it is a part of. Besides issuing its CLS token on the ethereum mainnet, Coldstack has integrated its protocols with Polkadot’s parachain Chachacha. The product will be launched by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, integrated with both BSC ( Binance Smart Chain ) and EOS.

The platform is designed to provide long-term storage (cold storage), unlike Amazon Clouds, at a faster rate.

The ColdStack (CLS) Cloud Aggregator: Decentralized, All-in-One

ColdStack works perfectly with three nodes for cloud management.

  • Upload Nodes

As a consequence, it will provide a cost-effective storage guarantee using a pipeline based on AI. Upload Nodes handle users’ file uploads and ensure that they are successful.

  • Billing Nodes

Among its functions are inter-chain, cross-token, and billing operations. Maintains exchange pools for DSN tokens.

  • Retrieve Nodes

A user can retrieve a file by using the Retrieve Node. The process will be cached and guided once a user initiates it. Thanks to the API, it will be possible to store and retrieve data anywhere and anytime.

ColdStack (CLS): why use it?


Guaranteed low prices. With our artificial intelligence-based technology, we can keep data storage costs and download fees as low as possible.

It’s easy

Whether you’re storing or retrieving your data with centralized cloud storage—Amazon S3 compatible APIs. Integrate easily and seamlessly.


Cloud architecture with blockchain-based security and privacy. The data is encrypted and the users are anonymous.

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